The Company

Turris Espansi Packaging has been in the business of producing Styrofoam since 1971.
The company has an inventory of 10 specialised machines for the large-scale production of industrial objects in Styrofoam. It serves customers in Sardinia and Corsica, as well as the markets of other Mediterranean countries.



Since 2001 Turris Espansi Packaging has invested in numerous high-quality machines offering advanced technical characteristics in order to guarantee high standards of production.
Furthermore, in response to market demands, Turris Espansi Packaging has built up a machinery inventory of over 50 different moulds, allowing for some specific customers to produce custom or personalised packaging, thereby improving the advertising impact of the packaging itself.


Strong Points

Turris Espansi Packaging works in three production shifts providing for fast and efficient delivery.
The company represents a quality guarantee thanks to the experience and professionalism acquired over the course of years working in the field.