A few simple steps to organize and prepare your temperature-controlled shipment:


Unpack the isothermal box and all of the components contained within (PolarIce gel and Slipwall).


Prepare the PolarIce gel ice cube gel: Soak the pads in water for 30 minutes, until each individual cell of the sheets swells, becoming gel pads. Store in freezer plastic side down for at least 24 hours for transport and maintenance of fresh products. Freeze PolarIce gel in the deep freezer at -18 ° C for fresh products and from between -40°C to a maximum of -80°C for frozen products.


Laterally insert the SlipWall: Place the items in the box so as they occupy the greatest possible volume. In order to maintain a constant and homogeneous temperature it is important not to have too much empty space inside the container (empty space may be filled with Styrofoam). During warmer weather adding PolarIce gel to the container is recommended, placing them along the inner walls of the Siber Box ®. Cover with pre-prepared PolarIce gel). Close and seal the Siber Box ®. Close the cardboard box and apply tape Send as a normal shipment.